Affiliates MC

                   AFFILIATES MOTORCYCLE CLUB                    

                                                            Affiliates-MC-OKC-Patch   MISSION STATEMENT

Our mission is to unite patriotic bikers who enjoy the freedom to ride and exercise their freedom of choice that has been protected and paid for with the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of American Veterans, present, retired, and deceased, along with active duty personnel. The Affiliates Motorcycle Club is a Brother Club to the American Veterans Motorcycle Club and we pledge to support the AVMC in their stance and help them as brothers to protect the Constitution of the United States against anyone who seeks to harm or destroy it, as well as support and help all the American Veterans of the United States of America.

We STRONGLY believe in the values of the M/C philosophy of Honor, Respect, and Protocol. Like our Brother Club we actively ride and therefore seek dedicated, lifetime members who will actively embrace the brotherhood and support both clubs with Heart, Honor, Loyalty, and Soul….but most important, as our BROTHER.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   When accepting members we value QUALITY over QUANITY……